Jeremy Nicholes

Jeremy at the finish of IRONMAN 70.3 Victoria

Jeremy’s plant-fueled passion for life and triathlon begins on a journey through personal health struggles that eventually led him on a path of continuous improvement focusing on achieving optimal physical health, wellness, and longevity-based performance. He makes his home in the rugged coastal mountains of Northwest Oregon, just outside of Portland.

Jeremy’s passion for life is rooted first-and-foremost with his family.  His wife Naomi, and their two boys love the experience of day-to-day life and growing together.  Jeremy and Naomi enjoy the journey and strive for intention-filled opportunities to experience challenges, absorb knowledge and support each other, family, friends and their community.

Professionally, Jeremy is a Product Strategy Manager in the Data Center Group at Intel Corporation.  With a focus on Intel’s data-centric portfolio, he drives product management and marketing programs for some of Intel’s flagship products including Intel® Xeon® processors.  Jeremy loves working with his colleagues at Intel and throughout the tech industry.  He has a unique enthusiasm for finding creative and effective ways to help customers learn how Intel’s innovations and products will help customers to empower their objectives.  Intel’s rapid pace of innovation, inclusive-and-supportive atmosphere and dedicated colleagues help to fuel Jeremy’s love for his profession.

Jeremy Nicholes is racing with Team Zoot in 2019

Jeremy Nicholes Triathlon Events, Top Finish Times

Half Ironman (70.3) Distance Triathlon
2018 Best in the West Triathlon Festival
September 8, 2018, Finish Time 05:38:29

Olympic Distance Triathlon
2018 Tri at the Grove
July 21, 2018, Finish Time 02:34:15

Sprint Distance Triathlon
2018 Oregon State University Tri Club Beaver Freezer
April 5, 2018, Finish Time 01:14:37

Jeremy Nicholes Running Event Results, Top Finish Times

2017 Eugene Marathon
May 6, 2017, Finish Time 04:23:41 (10:04/mi)

Half Marathon
2016 Holiday Half Marathon
December 16, 2016, Finish Time 01:49:10 (08:20/mi)

2018 Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove
July 21, 2018, Completed 0:46:59 (07:34/mi)

2018 Rolf Prima Tri at the Grove
July 21, 2018, Completed 0:23:23 (07:32/mi)

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